One-on-one tutoring in a colonial entourage

This is a great chance to improve your Spanish and in the meantime to get to know Nicaragua! In a compact course (4 hours a day, 20 hours per week) you will be guided by your private Spanish teacher, usually a university student from León (with some basic knowledge of English as well). You decide when you have class. Just one tip: touring is better done in the morning, because the sun can be very hot in the afternoon.

The course starts with a ‘level-exam’, so that your teacher has an idea of your current Spanish language skills and knows where to start. Also, you can express your specific preferences at this stage. After that, the language course will take off.

Hand-outs will be used and the subjects will also include typical Nicaraguan themes and also focus a bit on Nicaraguan and Leonese culture. And who can give you better information and explanation than your own private Leonese teacher?

Besides receiving class in the relaxed atmosphere of vegetarian restaurant, CocinArte), practical exercises will be done ‘on the street’, such as a visit to the local market and a visit to a local family. On Friday you will take the local chicken bus to a nearby beach, together with your teacher. You will actually have your class at the beach!


There are several housing options to choose from, but the best learning experience is at a local family or guesthouse. Of course, we can also arrange a hotel of your choice.

Local family

Staying at a local family is definitely the best way to practice your Spanish. We have a wide network of families experienced in receiving foreign guests and with a hospitable spirit and attitude. Your room is simple: a good bed, a closet, a night table, a private bathroom (no hot water) and a fan. You have breakfast with your guest family. If you wish to enjoy more meals with your family: that can be arranged too! All houses are situated at maximum 10 minutes walking from the city center and school.

Local guest house

You will stay at a local, family-run hostal. This is not a backpackers hostel, but is a house where local students and foreign volunteers rent rooms. Breakfast is not included, but you can use the kitchen to make your own meals. Furthermore, there is a good bed, a closet, a night table, TV, a private bath room (no hot water) and a fan.

Hotel (3 stars)

A bit more comfort can be offered using a hotel. Tha main difference is that hot water, A/C and continental or american breakfast is available. The atmosphere, however, is ‘less local’ and it is therefore harder to practice your Spanish. But it is still a very good way to enjoy your stay in León. For a selection of available hotels, please contact us at: or call us: + 505 23154099


Since classes and homework do not last all day, it is very attractive to do some touring in and around León at the same time. There are numerous options. Tours are offered separately. The most popular tours are:

  • Climb of the Cerro Negro
  • City tour León
  • Tour to León Viejo, the settlement that suffered a volcanic eruption
  • Visit to volcanic boiling mudpots of San Jacinto
  • Explore Juan Venado Island (Pacific Coast)
  • Tour patios of León (inner gardens of colonial houses)

For more info about tour details and pricing, please review the "daytours" section of this website.

Please let us know if you need any further info or if you wish a price proposal fitting your personal wishes. To be clear: it is also possible to follow lessons for just a few days, or even for several weeks.

On the city map of León ( you can identify the location of Vapues Tours, where the classes will take place, just a few blocks from central park (number 12 on the map).