Sustainability Policy



To give memorable experiences emphasizing our interest in conservation and philanthropy through personalized travel services, and focusing on eco and community-based tourism.


Vapues Tours is dedicated to offer our clients innovative and personalized quality services. Our mission is to satisfy our customers’ needs and simultaneously promote responsible practices in Nicaragua



As one of the leading sustainable tour operators in the country, we are aware of the importance of environmental and cultural conservation. For this reason we are committed to put into practice the following policies:

  • Respect the cultural identity of local communities.
  • Implement Good Practices during tours and in our offices.
  • Promote environmental preservation and sustainable practices among providers, customers and staff.

In support of the above, we strive to:

  • Support local initiatives promoting cultural and social projects.
  • Prefer local businesses (hotels, guides, restaurants, transport) over foreign owned businesses.
  • Include staff and providers in initiatives for environmental protection, such as recycling projects.
  • Implement training for staff and maintain a good working environment.


Promoting Sustainability

Since 2011, Vapues Tours is part of TOPS, a group of tour operators committed to improve and promote sustainability practices in Nicaragua.

Vapues Tours has also developed sustainable projects in Nicaragua. Besides founding,a website created to highlight the importance of community participation and sustainable practices, Vapues has participated in several projects to promote nature preservation, such as the first underwater cleaning of the nature reserve Apoyo Lagoon.

Moreover, good practices are being implemented in our offices including recycling programs. We have developed an evaluation form that, after being completed, leads to a description of various projects that we support. Vapues Tours will donate US$ 10.00 in the client´s name, to the project of his choice.

Code of Conduct

Each year, Vapues Tours is committed to follow the Code of Conduct to protect children and adolescents against Sexual Commercial Exploitation