San Juan del Sur is just the place you are looking for if you want to enjoy beach and nature. This tranquil Pacific Beach and fishermen town, located closely to the Costa Rican border, is also very popular amongst Nicaraguans, especially during Easter- and Christmas holidays. The town itself has several bars and fine restaurants, at night there is always something to do. You can go simply enjoy the beach and cool refreshing waters of the bay area, or go scuba diving, snorkelling, surf or do a Canopy Tour. To discover the surrounding area, we recommend taking a sailing trip, because the most beautiful, secluded bays are not so accessible by car. Sea turtles can be spotted in season (September to January), for example at the "La Flor" beach and wildlife reserve.

Sailboat Trip
Discover spotless beaches around San Juan del Sur

San Juan del Sur is a great place for a sailing trip. Away from the town’s bay you will find pristine beaches surrounded by tree covered hills, that make terrestrial transport hard in this area. Beverages and snacks are provided and you will catch your lunch (seafood) on your trip. The boat stops halfway at a secluded beach to have lunch and for a refreshing swim. You can enjoy the sunset while making your way back to San Juan del Sur. Several animals can be spotted if you are lucky: whales, dolphins, sea turtles, frigate birds, pelicans and other seabirds.

Duration: Full day tour

Start: 08:00 AM
End: 04:00 PM

Transportation (overland and aquatic)
Complementary drinks
Lunch (Catch of the day)
Note: Minimum amount of participants required

Scuba diving
Adventure under water

Many water sports can be practiced in this area. Scuba diving is one of these sports, because the place is an interesting diving spot. A handful of rocky islets are located along the coast. These islets, situated about 3 kilometers offshore, create a great habitat for many fish and other animals, which make them an interesting place for divers. Coral reefs also grow around these islands, adding even more variety to this ecosystem. The diving is done at a depth not greater than 18 meters. When it comes to clarity, the period December-March is the best time to dive, but diving can also be done in any other month. The fish that can be seen in the area of San Juan del Sur include Groupers, Snappers, Jacks, Morey Eels, and Manta Rays. Large schools of fish are a common sight and schools of Eagle Rays can also be found in this zone. Lobsters and even dolphins live in this area too, and from July until January Olive Ridley turtles can be seen in the water.

Duration: 3 hours
Start: 09.00 AM | 14.00 PM
End: 12.00 PM | 17.00 PM

Transportation (overland and aquatic)
Bilingual Instructor
Diving Equipment

Canopy Tour
Travel the treetops

The canopy tour is located only five minutes from the popular beach town San Juan del Sur. The tour offers 2.5 kilometers of zip-line in a rural setting where nature prevails. The canopy tour is located on the border of a farm at the foot of a hill. Nature is abundant in the area, and you can see animals including monkeys, raccoons, birds, and other animals. The canopy tour starts at the top of one of the hills, from where you have a superb view of the bay of San Juan del Sur and its surroundings. The canopy tour consists of 16 cables that are connected through 17 platforms, most of them located up in the trees. There are many different cables, including slow, fast, short, and long parts. The longest cable is 328 meters; the highest one passes over a canyon measuring 70 meters deep; and at the fastest one you can reach a speed of 70 kilometers per hour!

Duration: 2 hours
Start: 09.00 AM | 15.00 PM
End: 11.00 PM | 17.00 PM

Overland Transportation
Entrance fees
Bilingual instructor

Turtle Safari
Discover prehistoric wildlife

The most famous beach south of San Juan del Sur is the La Flor beach. This beach is a protected wildlife reserve because of the vast arrival of Olive Ridley turtles during massive arrivals that take place every year between August and January. Thousands of turtles arrive during certain nights to lay eggs at this one specific beach. About 50 days later, hundreds of thousands of eggs hatch and the baby turtles try to make their way to the ocean. Both truly unique events, the egg-laying and the hatching, can be seen at the La Flor beach. You will be told if the turtle activity is worthwhile and will be transferred to La Flor beach to witness the event.

Duration: 4 hours
Start: 19:00 PM
End: 23:00 PM

Overland transportation
Bilingual guide
Entrance fees to wildlife refuge
Note: Please bring flash light and a bottle of water

Ride the waves of remote pacific breaks

During this trip you will enjoy the beautiful beaches near San Juan del Sur and you will receive surf lessons to “ride” these wonderful waves! An open roof pick up truck will take you from your hotel to drive you to one of the wonderful beaches close to San Juan del Sur. The surf lessons will start at about 10am. At 12m, there will be time for lunch. After lunch, at 1pm, the lessons will continue. At about 3pm and until 6pm you will be able to practice your recently acquired skills at your disposal at the beach before returning to your hotel in San Juan del Sur.

Duration: Full day tour
Start: 09:00 AM
End: 18:00 PM

Transportation (overland and aquatic)
Surfing equipment
Bilingual instructor
Note: No experience required