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Saturday 23, 2013 | Het Parool
Adrenaline in Nica | Thaloen Verwij

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March 22, 2011 |TravelAgeWest
Volcano Boarding on Cerro Negro |

Volcano Boarding on Cerro Negro
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November 30, 2010 | DE TELEGRAAF
REISKRANT | Marieke Kessel

Nicaragua, Best option in Cental America
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November 20, 2010 |AD REISWERELD
Central America | Marieke Kessel

Nicaragua, Best option in Cental America
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01.04.2009 |Fit Yoga Magazine
Respect Yourself |

Fit Yoga
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04.09.2009 | Travel Magazine
Discover, In the Trail of the Maya´s | Travel Magazine | Belgium
TM(…) Manu Donck (manager Thomas Cook Discover): “When Thomas Cook Discover in 2008 introduced the 16-day roundtrip Costa Rica & Nicaragua, it was an instant hit. Therefore it appeared logical to expand in the Central American Region. We were in contact with Jan Strik, owner of Nicaraguan DMC Vapues Tours, a Dutchman with in-depth knowledge about the Central American Region. Vapues Tours organized the logistics for Peking Express 2008 (popular TV show in Holland and Belgium, red.) : an excellent accomplishment, for it is another cup of tea to organize an event of this magnitude in Central America, without experiencing significant difficulties. The roundtrip Panorama of Central America allows you to visit 4 different countries in one single itinerary. (…)
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01.07.2009 | YouTube
Ramsar Lodge | World Wide Web was created to highlight the importance of community participation and sustainable practices in the promotion and management of Nicaragua´s emerging tourism infrastructure. The successful opening op Ramsar Lodge was executed through a Public-Private Partnership (PPP) between COSETUR (cooperative of 12 local families, owners of Ramsar Lodge) and Vapues Tours. Deutscher Entwicklungsdienst (DED) and NGO Fundacion Lider provided technical assistance. The investment of the PPP was matched by DED. The Nature Conservancy (TNC) provided technical training through "Program Bosque Seco". This Community Based Tourism (CBT) Initiative serves to generate additional income to traditional commercial activities in the primary sector, and is part of a strategy for responsible management of natural resources in the Cosiguïna area. Watch Video

01.01.2008 | Sun Channel
Sandboarding en el Volcán, Turismo Extremo, Nicaragua | Sun Channel, Tourism Television
Vapues Tours is the principal outfitter of the extreme sport ´Ash Boarding´, offered at the Cerro Negro volcano, León, Nicaragua .Clients ascend the Cerro Negro with their board. Upon arrival at the top, the protective equipment is being provided after which they receive a technical training from the experienced bilingual guide / instructor. After a short test run inside the crater, clients head to the steeper outer rim for the final descent. After some final orientations they board down all the way to the base of Cerro Negro volcano. Some experience with (snow) boarding is strongly recommended. This special tour is part of our León day tours selection.
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25.10.2008 | Spot on National TV - Nicaragua
Viví la pasión Movistar | Canal 10
Commercial video about Ash Boarding on Cerro Negro volcano, outfitted by Vapues Tours, featuring TV personality Tatiana Browne and expert tour guide Oscar Gutiérrez. Watch Video


25.10.2008 | MACO Destinations Magazine
Caribbean | Central America

A Destinastions Magazine
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12.10.2008 | YouTube
Cerro Negro Volcano | La Productora  | World Wide Web
This special tour is part of our León day tours selection. Climbing Cerro Negro is an impressive experience. This active volcano, one of the youngest of the Western Hemisphere and one of the most accessible in Nicaragua (altitude 675 m.), is totally covered with black sand and rocks. Standing on top, visitors have an immense view over a great part of the ´Los Maribios´ volcanic chain. The descend is probably the most fun part of the tour,  descending the steep slope on foot, using the sandy volcanic material to control the speed. Cerro Negro is the ideal place to practice extreme sports, like Ash Boarding. An interesting fact is that Frenchman Eric Barone broke the world speed record by descending the slopes of the Cerro Negro by mountain bike (!).
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10.03.2006 | Travel Wolrd News
Travel World News Magazine | USA
FITUR's best "active tourism" award in the international category went this year to Nicaraguan incoming operator Vapues Tours for a two-day package it calls The Green Oases of Matagalpa. Matagalpa is a province in Nicaragua's northern highlands and, given its mountainousness, its principal agricultural crop is, unsurprisingly, coffee. But Matagalpa is also rich in first and second growth tropical forests, and it is rich in fauna and flora, not least of all orchids and bromeliads. The Va Pues tour explores the Cerro El Arenal nature reserve, the Santa Emilia Falls on the Yasica River and the so called Disparate de Potter, or Potter's Folly, in memory of the Anglo-Nicaraguan coffee grower Charles Pannell Cuthbertson Potter and his eccentric idea for getting his product to port. (…)
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