When founder Jan Strik traveled to Nicaragua for the first time, in the late 1990s, he heard a typical catchphrase over and over: "va pues", meaning "allright". When he founded the company, back in 2002, he did not need to think twice on how to name it, and Vapues Tours was born.

In those days, tourism in Nicaragua had barely set off- but the great potential was already right before our eyes. Tourism steadily grew over the years, and new and exciting properties opened their doors, while the general infrastructure improved, and new destinations were unlocked. Presently, more and more tourists are welcomed in Nicaragua each year, attracted by jubilant news articles, or enthusiastic first hand stories from friends, still the country manages to maintain its authentic atmosphere.

Vapues Tours has grown steadily as well, and is now one of the country's leading tour operators, with a wide understanding of what tourists seek and need. Keen to share not only the well-known attractions, but also the hidden gems, innovation is one of our key assets. Vapues Tours is a fully licensed tour operator that is based in Managua, but has offices in Granada and León as well. We have our own guides and fleet of recently purchased vehicles.

82-days round trip in Nicaragua

I made a 82-days round trip in Nicaragua, from January 18 to April 9. I prepared my holiday by reading Lonely Planet and Moon guides, and also consulting web-sites of several tour operators, e.g. Vapues Tours (Managua). I composed the itinerary, and the fine-tuning I did with the help of Vapues Tours in Managua. Vapues Tours also did the reservations for the overnights, car rental, boat transports, flights, guides and ‘meet and greets.

Michael Broekman