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Vapues Tours handles groups and FIT, providing DMC services to wholesalers and specialized tour operators. Our products are developed and executed with care and attention, taking into account criteria of sustainability. Creativity, excellent contracts with providers and professional dedication reconfirm our position in the travel trade. Our offices are located in Nicaragua, in the colonial cities of León and Granada. While your clients enjoy their trip to Nicaragua, we are working behind the scenes to provide a unique travel experience.  Please meet our dedicated staff, all professionals in tourism with an eye for detail.

Jan StrikJan Strik
Founder / Director
Jan is responsible for the company´s international sales, quotations, and marketing. Born in 1973, Jan attended the University of Utrecht and Amsterdam, finished International Studies and Political Science and traveled to Nicaragua, where he started his own tour company in 2002: Vapues Tours. Jan was a DJ on the national radio, worked for newspapers, did a stint in the local development work and opened the first vegetarian restaurant in León (and probably Nicaragua). He is a walking encyclopedia regarding traveling in Central America. In Nicaragua, his favorite spot is La Garnacha (Estelí), where the cheese is abundant and cheap, and Ataco (El Salvador) is another favorite spot in Central America. When he retires, he might opt for a nice little house at Nicargua´s Pacific Coast.

Arlen LaraArlen Lara
Assistant Manager/Human Resources
In every office, there is always the proverbial spider in the web. Arlen is such a spider: she manages the agenda, she is doing the administration, she is Jan´s personal assistant, and she does everything regarding human resources. Born in 1981 in Managua, she attended the university where she studied accountancy, but was drawn into the travel business because of the dynamics involving traveling. Her favorite holiday spot in Nicaragua is San Juan del Sur, she loves to dance (especially the Merengue), likes to read a good book and hike in the nature.

Floris Webbers

Floris Weebers
Sales & Marketing Supervisor
Floris (Breda, 1972) is responsible for international sales and marketing. His reason to live in Nicaragua is a classic one: love is what drew him to this beautiful place.  He visited Japan, Indonesia and most countries in Eastern Europe, and his favorite spot in Nicaragua is Rio San Juan. Next destination: Brazil. Floris is a walking film-database, reads a lot, loves food (you can mail him if you find nice Pad Thai in Nicaragua) and loves playing with his two kids.

María RochaMaria H. Rocha
Senior Travel Planner
Maria H. Rocha (born in Granada) is based in Granada, where she manages the centrally located Vapues Tours Service Point. She attends our clients in Granada and organizes all local operations. In addition she elaborates tailor-made quotations and handles the accounts of some of our European clients with focus on the French market. Besides running our office in Granada, she is an invaluable source of information for both our clients and staff.  She is working for Vapues for 1,5 years, but have 8 years experience in the travel-branch. On a personal note she likes to travel, and to see a play at the local theatre. Maria H. Speaks Spanish, English, French and is about to embark on a course in Portuguese.  Maria holds a BsC in Archaeology Culture.

Johanna Meza

Olivia Johanna Meza
General Accountant
Johanna is the general accountant at Vapues Tours. She is 26 years old and originally from Jinotega but has been living in Managua for 8 years. In her free time she likes going to the gym, reading and studying and going out with her friends. She is also a big fan of Latin dancing. Her favorite place in Nicaragua is Catarina, near Granada. Sometime in the future she would like to marry and have two kids, a boy and a girl. If she goes traveling, England would be the first place she will visit

Laura U. Paguaga

Laura Urbina
Quality Control
Laura is the quality control and process manager at Vapues Tours. She was born in Matagalpa and therefore loves a good cup of coffee. She moved to Managua as a child and has lived here ever since. Laura is the person to go to if you need honest advice. She loves to share with others and faithfully believes in God. She spends her free time with her husband and daughter, and likes to watch movies and be around her family and friends. With a background as a computer engineer, she is also quite fond of programming.

Gabriela Espinoza

Gabriela Espinoza
Assistant Accounting

Gabriela is the assistant accounting at Vapues Tours. She has a degree in accountancy since 2008. Gabriela is a calm person who has faithfully believes in God and the Virgin Mary. Her greatest joy is being a mother and enjoys to spent time with her family, watch tv or traveling around Nicaragua. Her goal is to continue studying and grow as a professional.

Tania Maldonado

Tania Maldonado
Travel Planner
Tania, the Benjamin of Vapues, was born in Sabadell, Barcelona in 1993, but has lived in Nicaragua since she was 3 months. She graduated in Management and Development of Tourism at the Central American University (UCA), and speaks several languages: apart from Spanish she speaks English, Portuguese and French, and also a little Catalan because her mother is from Barcelona. Tania loves everything about nature and animals, she is an animal rights activist and a vegetarian. Her favorite activities are dancing, listening to music, playing the guitar, read, do volcano hiking and volunteer work in several foundations. According to Tania, the most beautiful destination of Nicaragua is "Massif of Peñs Blancas" which is part of the natural reserve Bosawás in Jinotega.

Ligia lopezLigia López
Everybody loves Ligia here at Vapues. Born in 1983 in La Concha (near Masaya), she keeps the office in Managua immaculate, makes lemonade when we are thirsty, cooks excellent food when we are hungry and makes coffee when we need to wake up. Talking about food: if there is a "Masterchef Nicaragua", she will win. Blindly. She still lives in La Concha, she will never leave her home for another place, and is a devote church-goer. She is a family woman: going out with her husband and son is what she really enjoys. Maybe, very maybe she will go the States one day for a holiday, but if not she will still remain the happy person we know.

Fredde OrtegaMajiori Caceres
Operations Rio San Juan
Marjiori is our woman in San Carlos, from where she does all the operations in the Rio San Juan Region. Born in 1981 in Chinandega (near Leon) Marjiori studied English and started to work for Vapues in 2011. She also works for AguaTrails, a subsidiary of Vapues Tours, for whom she arranges trips to Costa Rica. She loves to be in Granada, Jinotepe and her very own Rio San Juan, and her favorite spots outside Nicaragua are Europe, Egypt and India. Like to sing? Marjiory too. As well as reading and jamming on her guitar.

Rene MenaRene Mena:
Senior Guide / Sales

Our 34 years old senior tour guide Rene is a real nature lover. He knows a lot about Nicaragua's flora and fauna as well as about the country's rich history and culture. His in depth knowledge of even remote places such as the Rio San Juan area or the Solentiname archipelago is impressive. He has been working for Vapues Tours since 7 years, after quitting his job as a lawyer. He lives in Granada, one of his favorite places in Nicaragua, with his wife and his two sons. Spending time with his family and being outside are his favorite things to do. Some day he would love visit Madagascar and Peru.

MeylinMeyling Nicaragua
Sustainability / Operations
Our operations and sustainable tourism manager Meylin was born near Granada in 1986. She studied Computer Science at a university in Masaya and since 2011 she has been working for Vapues Tours. Her favorite thing to do is going out with her friends and dancing. She dreams of building a nice house for her future family. Meylin loves the Rio San Juan region in Nicaragua, as well as Quebec in Canada and El Valle de Anton in Panama.

Ninoska PeraltaJuan Cabrera
Driver Granada
Born in Managua, our driver Juan Ramon is now living in Granada with his wife and two kids who are aged 8 and 12. Juan Ramon is 45 years old and already has 29 years of experience in driving. His hobbies are reading books, listening to music and working. Apart from that he loves spending time with his family. He knows many destinations in Central America and claims to know all the roads, avenues and dirt roads in Nicaragua.

Ninoska PeraltaRoger Munguia
Driver Granada
Roger is 32 years old and grew up in a family with many drivers. When he was 11 years old, he drove for the first time. He has been working for Vapues Tours for less than a year. In his free time, he likes playing pool, Nintendo, and meets up with his friends. He loves cooking, and does it whenever he has time. His favorite food is Canelones.

Yessenia TellezYesenia Tellez
Operations Manager
Yesenia is our reservation- and operations officer we all can rely on. Born in León in 1980, she studied Tourism on the University. Three years ago, she started to organize transfers, board and lodging for customers at Vapues. Therefore she works closely together with our drivers, tour guides and hotels throughout the country. Back home, her favorite pastime is watching TV and sleeping. Yes, working and having a three year old boy is tiresome. To chill out, she likes to go to the Caribbean side of Nicaragua. Talking about chill: she would love to visit Canada; Yesenia is really looking forward to touch down on snow and ice.

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