We're very proud of our little part of the planet, and in everything we do is the desire to protect and preserve the beautiful environment we live in. Tourism doesn’t have to be harmful, and we're always searching for ways to minimize our impact on the world, whether through our own actions or in the hotels and services we offer to our travelers. We also believe that tourism should benefit local communities and celebrate their culture and traditions, and you’ll see this throughout our range of accommodation and authentic experiences.

Vapues Travel is one of the first companies in the region to achieve Travelife Partner status, and we're working hard to remove single-use plastics from all of our experiences. We also support a variety of innovative local projects which aim to give something back to communities and regenerate the incredible nature which surrounds us.

Sustainable Tourism Policy


To contribute to enrich the lives of our customers, to change their ways to experience sustainable tourism; to discover, learn and transform through innovative, high quality travel services.


To enrich the quality of life of our customers and exceed their expectations, by means of three pillars: professionalism, sustainability and innovation; and to achieve recognition as the leader in inbound tourism in Central America.

General Policy

To realize our vision, several procedures have been implemented that apply to all staff members, and where possible, to the company's providers and clients. We implement and promote sustainable tourism, informing and involving the aforementioned participants in best practices in order to perpetuate local culture, history and nature, to contribute to local economies, and to preserve the environment.

The main management processes are quality management, environmental management, and health and safety management at work and for customers.

With regard to quality management, we commit ourselves to meet the legal requirements of the quality management manual as set by the company in coordination with its customers; both wholesalers and outbound travel agencies.

Concerning environmental management, the company commits itself to meet the legal requirements to implement and promote its sustainability policy, prevention of pollution and prevention of climate change.

As for health and safety management for workers and customers, the company commits itself to meet the legal requirements, and to prevent occupational hazards and minimize health risks, by implementing the rules of procedure and the manual for risk management.

We commit to improving the aforementioned management processes continuously.

In support of the above, we strive to:

Promote and implement responsible actions that recognize and value cultural identity, needs, expectations and rights of communities.

  • Support local initiatives promoting cultural and social projects.
  • Participate in social projects as strategically ally to promote sustainable excursions and training of locals in rural communities.
  • Work hand in hand with rural cooperatives in order to offer authentic packages and benefit the communities with complementary income.
  • Promote and recommend the artwork of local artisans.
  • Implement good practices during tours and in our offices
  • Implement an acquisition policy that includes environmentally friendly products.
  • Establish measures to reduce energy and water usage.
  • Apply alternative practices to manage organic pollution and waste.
  • Execute recycle projects.
  • Support projects for biodiversity conservation.
  • Raise awareness towards bad environmental practices, including captivity of wild animals.
  • Support local companies that promote environmental preservation.
  • Ensure staff training regarding sustainable practices.
  • Ensure and promote a working environment free from discrimination and harassment.
  • Implement training and talks to ensure that all employees know their rights.
  • Provide staff with the opportunity to present complaints or comments and manage any conflict in a respectful, just and confidential way.
  • Encourage the reporting of any harassment or discrimination.

Code of Conduct

  • Establish a proper use of the information about commercial sexual exploitation of children and teenagers.
  • Maintain communication with local authorities and denounce any case of illegal or violent behavior.

For questions and comments related with our sustainability policies please contact us at

Based on a sustainability report and compliance with requirements assessed by Travelife, Vapues Travel reached the Travelife Partner status. This status enables us to effectively communicate our sustainability commitment and achievements, and to manage and improve social- and environmental impact by complying with set sustainability criteria.

Travelife Partner

We are members of the Panamanian Foundation for Sustainable Tourism. Sustainable tourism benefits rural communities and their ecosystems, putting the needs of the destination at the center and promoting authentic experiences and cultural exchanges.

We proudly support Pack for a Purpose, an initiative that allows clients to make a lasting impact in the local community. Vapues Travel supports Casa Xalteva, a language and cultural center in Granada, a colorful colonial town often included in our tailored Nicaragua itineraries. They support dozens of children through a prevention program, which aims to extract children from situations of risk and vulnerability. The primary goal of the program is to enable these children to break away from cycles of poverty and violence and to generate a positive influence in their lives. Casa Xalteva provides a meal in a happy and safe environment, scholarships, homework support, learning materials, vocational training skills and educational field trips.

By saving just a few kilos of space in their suitcase for supplies to bring to Casa Xalteva, our clients can make a priceless impact in the lives of local children and families. Please click here to see what supplies are needed for this project.