Políticas sostenibles Vapues Tours

Sustainable Tourism Policy


To contribute to enrich the lives of our customers, to change their ways to experience sustainable tourism; to discover, learn and transform through innovative, high quality travel services.


To enrich the quality of life of our customers and exceed their expectations, by means of three pillars: professionalism, sustainability and innovation; and to achieve recognition as the leader in inbound tourism in Central America.

General Policy

To realize Vapues Tours' vision, several procedures are implemented that apply to all staff members, and where possible, to the company's providers and clients. Vapues Tours implements and promotes sustainable tourism, informing and involving the aforementioned participants in best practices in order to perpetuate the Nicaraguan culture, history and nature, to contribute to local economies, and to preserve the environment.

The main management processes are: quality management, environmental management, and health and safety management at work and for customers.

With regard to quality management, Vapues Tours commits itself to meet the legal requirements of the quality management manual as set by the company in coordination with its customers, both wholesalers and outbound travel agencies.

Concerning environmental management, Vapues Tours commits itself to meet the legal requirements to implement and promote its sustainable policy, prevention of pollution and prevention of climate change.

As for health and safety management for workers and customers, Vapues Tours commits itself to meet the legal requirements, and to prevent occupational hazards and minimize health risks, by implementing the rules of procedure and the manual for risk management.

Vapues Tours commits itself to improve the aforementioned management processes continuously.

In support of the above, we strive to:

Promote and implement responsible actions that recognize and value cultural identity, need, expectations and rights of the communities.

Promote environmental preservation and sustainable practices among providers, customers and staff.

Code of Conduct

Sustainability Partnerships

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